Second Order Correlation Function for Quasi One-Dimensional Anderson Localization

Advisor: Dr. Mark Havey
Old Dominion University, 2012-2013


Rotation of a ground glass diffuser creates a time-dependent chaotic light field simulating a thermal light source. Second order time correlation g(2)(τ) = 2 for shorter times and g(2)(τ) = 1 for longer times. A similar approach to study g(2)(τ) is planned for quasi one-dimensional Anderson Localization for trapping of light in a cloud of atoms. Research in this field will provide applications to quantum memory and computing.


Talk: Second Order Time Correlation Measurements of a Simulated Thermal Light Source, presented at the Optical Society of America – Frontiers in Optics Conference, Rochester, New York, October 15, 2012


Left to Right: Anderson Localization, Second Order Correlation Measurement of Coherent, and Simulated Chaotic Light

Photonics, Physics